Inspirational Water Features for Your Home

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Aaaah, the sound of water. There is something very calming about the trickling of water drops onto pebbles.

At the Homearama homeshow this year, several of the model homes featured nice examples of water features with fountains and pools. As it was hot day when I toured the homes, I found the sound of water to be quite refreshing.

Want inspiration for your water feature for your home? Look at Sibcy Cline’s Water Feature  Pinterest board here.

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Pantry Space in Your Home

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How organized is your kitchen pantry?

Whether your pantry consists of a few cupboards or an entire room of shelves like the photo above, an organized pantry space certainly makes life easier when preparing meals in the kitchen.

Ideas for your pantry

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets give more space
  • Shelves at various heights are preferable to store various sized items
  • Vertical pull-out shelving is a great use of narrow space and makes it convenient to find items; horizontal pull-out shelving is also practical
  • Sliding drawers make finding items easier

Small pantries

  • Use food storage bins for easy access to food groups such as snacks, cereals or canned good
  • If your pantry has a door, install a wire shelf on it to store smaller items

Want more inspiration for your pantry? View Sibcy Cline’s Pantry Ideas Pinterest board here.

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