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Decorating a home can be a trying thing to do with the best of budgets. The fact that you do not happen to have large lots of money lying around however should not prevent you from having a lovely kitchen to call your own. The kitchen is after all, the heart of any home and you want this room to be one that invites everyone to come, congregate, and pitch in (one can always dream right?). This is the reason that you want your kitchen to shine above all other rooms in your home though. The kitchen should radiate warmth and home to all who enter.

Truthfully speaking there are many things you can do in your kitchen that will greatly impact the overall look of your kitchen without changing anything structurally within your kitchen. If you have wallpaper, remove it and try paint. There are all kinds of great…

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How To Sell Your Home So It Sells For Mega $$$$

Chicago City Homes Blog

If you’ve thought about putting your home on the market, then you’ve also probably had moments of serious panic about how to get it ready for prime time viewing. These tips from Chicago home stager David Cieslak of Signature Staging should help you get it ready for a close-up.

home staging1. Lose the gigantic armoire and other dated furniture.

“Items such as big armoires holding TVs and large sofas with curved arms and overstuffed backs, as well as pieces damaged by pets and very traditional furniture, are turn-offs to the modern buyer.”

2. Get your kitchen out of the ’90s.

“Recently, we’ve been painting a lot of kitchen cabinets, both stained maple and some cherry. We like to use Benjamin Moore White Dove.”

3. Paint, paint, and re-paint.

“Every home I go into is getting walls painted. I paint over bright colors, pastels—especially anything peachy—and a lot of faux finishing. A…

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Cozy, Comfortable

Confessions of a Type A Housewife


1. Lighting – the general rule of thumb is to  light 3 of the 4 corners. Ideally, you should use three different kinds of lighting (i.e. a table lamp, floor lamp and a light focused on an object or piece of art work).

2. Live plants – Simple, structural greenery in an attractive pot is timeless. I recently read THIS interesting article about the benefits of houseplants.

3. Candles (out of reach of little hands and paws) give off soft light and great smell. What’s not to love?

4. A variety of textures makes a room feel collected, comfortable, and unfussy

5. A neutral, warm beige on the walls is timeless. You can inject the space with pops of color via fabrics, artwork, and accessories

6. Strategically placed tables ensure that there is a place (within reach of every seat) to set a mug or glass

7. Keep a basket for clutter creep nearby- Things…

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Spring Cleaning 2014 | Your Room-by-Room Checklists

Sponge & Sparkle Cleaning

Well, it’s that time of the year again – Spring!  Do you feel the need to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in? Would you like for your home to be as fresh and clean as Spring feels?

Spring Cleaning Ahead? We Can Help

Of course, the easiest way to get your home sparkling clean is to hire a professional cleaning service like Sponge & Sparkle to do the heavy lifting. That way you experience all of the benefit and none of the work.

Here’s what our customers Gregory and Deb say:

Best Deep Cleaning In (Atlanta)

Raina and her crew do a fantastic job. I just knew when I spoke to her that I was working with a pro and they delivered in a big way. My house is not just clean. It sparkles! I would recommend these folks to anyone who seriously wants their house clean. They are the best…

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