What is the process to buying your first home?

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1. Organise your finances

How much can you afford in mortgage repayments, as well as other ongoing costs associated with owning a property, and how much is your lending institution willing to lend you.

2. Find a property

Determine what kind of house and where you would like to buy. Attend open inspections and auctions to get an idea of how much properties are selling for and to get an idea of what the buying process is.

3. Engage a conveyancer

It is recommended that you engage the services of a professional conveyancer or solicitor as early as possible in the house buying process. They will help you with the legal documentation and the settlement process.

4. Research the property

When you find a property you are interested in you should do some background research to help you identify any building issues or other factors that may affect whether you…

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Dressing Bay Windows


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If you have a Bay window, you may wonder how to dress it in a way that gives it appeal, without curtains getting in the way.

Perhaps you’ve used Roman Blinds, believing that this is the only way to dress your Bay windows, as the curvature of some Bay Windows do not really lend themselves to curtains.

A beautiful clever way that you can use both blinds, curtains, plus some paint to bring the entire look together, creating an attitude of opulence without spending the cash one would think this look needs is quite simple and so effective.



My Bay window is large, needing 4 drops of curtains, which I’ve taken right down to the floor. Curtains should always drape onto the floor in my opinion,  as this lengthens the height of the room, adding volume.

I also hang my curtains starting…

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How to Organize the Entryway

Organized entry closet
By Lygeia Grace

Clutter coach Chip Cordelli turns this potential pileup spot (backpacks! jackets! soccer balls!) into a super-efficient on-off ramp for quick school-day exits and happy homecomings.

All Hail the Hall Closet

Aspire to Inspire

If it looks like a dark, neglected pit in which to toss all things outerwear, guess what your family will be inclined to do? Instead, give this spot a paint job and some considered props: bins and boxes that add personality and texture. Let’s face it—this door will probably be open a lot of the time.

Enforce Term Limits

Maintaining a communal storage space calls for exponentially greater restraint, so instruct each family member to relocate any items that aren’t in active use (meaning at least once a week). New motto: Sharing is paring.

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Five Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Buying a Home

Monico Segura - Realtor

By Phoebe Chongchua

Looking for a new home can be exciting and frustrating. You can help alleviate the frustration by paying close attention to five key areas of the homes you’re considering buying; it may save you money in the long run.
Don Walker is an inspector and owner of Ace Home Inspections. He says there are five areas in homes that he frequently reports problems with. They are electrical, foundation, plumbing, the attic, and landscaping.
Walker says sometimes homeowners assume with newer homes that all will work just fine but that’s often not the case. “I [inspected] a brand new house — four years old but the electrical was all done incorrectly,” says Walker.
Having a complete home inspection will help to rule out any problems and point out any areas of concern. However, even as you’re browsing homes, buyers can start to make note of the key…

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